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Sessile Villous Adenoma

Left: 91 year-old woman with weight loss, anemia and blood in the stool. In addition to this villous adenoma in the splenic flexure, there was a carcinoma in the cecum.

Center: Atypical pale appearance of a sessile polyp in a 78 year-old woman with gastrointestinal bleeding. The polyp proved to be a tubulovillous adenoma without dysplasia or carcinoma.

Right: Fine nodularity involving a mucosal fold just above the cecum in a 79 year-old man undergoing colonoscopy for evaluation of anemia and weight loss. The nodularity involved both sides of the fold and could not be easily excised endoscopically. Biopsies revealed the lesion to be a tubulovillous adenoma.

Left and Center: 69 year-old woman with a prior history of colonic carcinoma: 3-4 cm carpet-like tubulovillous adenoma of the cecum; the orifice of the appendix is visible in the image on the left.

Right: 66 year old woman undergoing colonoscopy for average risk screening. 2 cm sessile polyp in the sigmoid colon proved to be a tubulovillous adenoma with high grade dysplasia.

Left: 2 cm sessile tubulovillous adenoma of the descending colon in an 86 year-old man.

Center: 1 cm sessile tubulovillous adenoma of the sigmoid colon in a 60 year-old woman with occult bleeding.

Right: 1 cm sessile tubulovillous adenoma of the sigmoid colon in a 59 year-old woman undergoing colonoscopy for routine screening.

Left: 1.5 cm sessile tubulovillous adenoma in the proximal ascending colon of a 44 year-old woman with a change in bowel habit and constipation.

Right: 59 year-old man with a personal history of colon polyps, and a history of having had a CT scan nearly two years earlier suggesting a soft tissue lesion in the region of the cecum, however he delayed the recommended follow up colonoscopy. This 3 cm sessile tubulovillous adenoma was found in the proximal ascending colon just distal to the cecum. The raised portion of the polyp is most visible, however its attachment can be seen extending rightward for another several millimeters.

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