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Celiac Disease

32 year-old woman with Down's Syndrome brought by her mother with complaints of cramping abdominal pain of six months duration and watery diarrhea for two months. She also complained of intermittent early satiety and weight loss of 5-10 lbs. Endosocopy revealed abnormal duodenal mucosa with musocal fissuring and scalloped folds. Biopsies and serology were indicative of celiac disease. In retrospect, her mother learned that her own sister had been diagnosed with celiac disease 10-12 years earlier.

54 year-old who had been diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2008. Symptoms became well controlled upon adoption of a gluten free diet, however she gradually became less adherent to her diet, and presented with complaints of severe, postprandial diarrhea and a 10-15 lb. weight loss. Endosocopy revealed scalloped folds and mosaic-patterned musoca. Biopsies were consistent with celiac disease.

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