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Bleeding Esophageal Varices

Spurting esophageal varix in a 78 year-old man with portal hypertension caused by colon cancer metastatic to liver. The bleeding caused the varix to decompress and flatten. View on the right shows the jet of blood ricocheting off the opposite esophageal wall.

Blood freely flowing from a varix in the lower esophagus, creating a pool of blood, in a 37 year-old man with alcoholic liver disease.

Jet of blood from an esophageal varix in a young man with alcoholic cirrhosis, as seen through the banding apparatus attached to the tip of the endoscope. View on the right demonstrates hemostasis achieved by the application of a band onto the bleeding site.

Left: Blood spurting (from left to right) from a varix in the distal esophagus of a 47 year-old woman whose portal hypertension is of unknown etiology. Right: Bleeding was controlled by the application of a band.

49 year old with colon cancer metastatic to liver, presenting with hematemesis. Endoscopy revealed esophageal varices with a focus of active bleeding. Photo shows bleeding at the 1 o'clock position as seen through the banding apparatus.

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