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Crohn's Colitis

33 year-old man with Crohn's involving the proximal colon, with severe inflammation, edema and ulcers.

Same patient as above. The ileum appears normal (left). As commonly seen in Crohn's colitis, there is minimal involvement of the rectum (right).

Mucosal erythema, granularity and friability in a 51 year old woman with Crohn's colitis symptomatically in remission.

60 year-old woman with longstanding Crohn's colitis. Colonoscopic findings included extensive, severe inflammation with edema and multiple deep ulcers.

45 year-old woman with longstanding Crohn's ileocolitis. Surveillance colonoscopy revealed edema, granularity, superficial ulceration and pseudopolyp formation.

32 year-old man with a one year history of abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea and 10-15 lb. weight loss. Colonoscopy demonstrated inflammation to varying degrees throughout the colon, with ulceration and occasional pseudopolyp formation.

Same patient as above. Biopsies were consistent with inflammatory bowel disease; no granulomas were seen. Diagnostically, Crohn's colitis was favored over ulcerative colitis because of the variable severity of inflammation, although this could be also have been designated as indeterminate colitis.

63 year old man with Crohn's colitis. Colonoscopy revealed mucosal erythema, granularity, nodularity, friability and mucosal ulceration, as well as a few pseudopolyps in the sigmoid colon.

30 year old man with Crohn's colitis. Colonoscopy revealed ulceration of the ileocecal valve (left), segmental inflammation with linear ulcers (center) and a pseudopolyp in the sigmoid colon (right).

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