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Hyperplastic Gastric Polyp

These polypoid lesions occur multiply or singly, are distributed randomly throughout the stomach, may be sessile or pedunculated, and -- if not inflamed -- have smooth overlying mucosa resembling that of normal stomach. Typically discovered as incidental findings at endoscopy, these are not true polyps, rarely cause symptoms in the absence of inflammation, and have no malignant potential. They cannot, however, be reliably distinguished from adenomatous polyps on the basis of gross appearance. Spontaneous bleeding is occasionally seen.

Solitary hyperplastic antral gastric polyps.

Left and Center: Examples of solitary inflamed prepyloric hyperplastic polyps.
Right: Inflamed, pendulous hyperplastic polyp with surface ulceration found in the gastric cardia on retroflexion in a 47 year-old woman with combined iron and B12 deficiency.

Left 3 images: Examples of multiple hyperplastic polyps involving the gastric body.
Right: Multiple inflamed hyperplastic polyps extending from gastric body into antrum.

Left: Retroflexed view revealing a small hyperplastic polyp in the gastric cardia of a 55 year-old man undergoing endoscopy for evaluation of acid reflux symptoms and abdominal pain.

Right: 8 mm hyperplastic polyp located in the gastric cardia of a 68 year-old woman undergoing endoscopy for evaluation of dysphagia and acid reflux symptoms.

83 year-old woman with recurrent upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding. Endoscopy revealed a 3 cm pedunculated inflamed hyperplastic polyp in the gastric antrum. The lesion was excised and there was no further bleeding.

83 year-old woman undergoing endoscopy for abdominal pain. Multiple polypoid lesions ranging from a few millimeters up to 5 cm were found in the gastric body and antrum; all were hyperplastic on biopsy.

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