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NSAID-induced Gastritis

Left: 74 year-old man with recent hematemesis (vomiting blood), who had been taking NSAIDS and drinking alcohol. Endoscopy demonstrated antral gastritis with multiple small, superficial ulcers.

Center: 75 year-old woman with upper abdominal pain and blood in the stool, who had been taking NSAIDS for arthritis. Endoscopy revealed patchy gastritis in the gastric fundus and in the antrum (shown here). Biopsies were negative for Helicobacter pylori.

Right: 35 year-old man with chronic dyspepsia and pyrosis poorly responsive to proton-pump inhibitor and metoclopramide therapy. After endoscopy demonstrated erosive antral gastritis, he admitted to regularly taking 15-20 ibuprofen daily, as well as occasionally taking as many as 20 aspirin tablets daily.

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