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Pyloric Stenosis

78 year-old woman with chronic ulcer disease, who developed symptomatic gastric outlet obstruction. Her early satiety, postprandial vomiting and weight loss failed to improve after two sessions of endoscopic balloon dilation of the pylorus, necessitating surgery.

57 year-old woman with long-standing ulcer disease, whose symptomatic pyloric stenosis responded promptly and completely to endoscopic balloon dilation of the pylorus.

67 year-old woman with a several year history of early satiety, postprandial vomiting and progressive weight loss, with pyloric stenosis and an entrapped tablet. Multiple sessions of endoscopic balloon dilation over 2-3 years failed to relieve her symptoms, and she eventually underwent surgery with significant yet partial relief. Residual symptoms were a result of gastroparesis.

65 year-old woman with a history of pyloric stenosis presented with recurrent postprandial fullness, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. Endoscopy deonstrated recurrent stenosis of the pylorus with pyloric channel ulceration visible in the close up image at right.

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