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GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor)

90 year-old woman with a remote history of lymphoma 25 years earlier, who had been found with an abdominal mass on CT scan 18 months prior to presentation. EGD and colonoscopy at that time had been nonreveling; CT-directed biopsy had not been performed due to her age and overall debility. She presented to hospital with significant hematemesis and melena. Endoscopy revealed a 2-3 cm ulcerated mass in the gastric fundus with bleeding, seen here at retroflexion. Biopsy demonstrated a gastrointestinal stromal tumor with malignant features. Bleeding was controlled with epinephrine injections. She underwent successful surgical resection and made an uneventful recovery.

53 year old woman with abdominal pain, weight loss and both iron deficiency and B12 deficiency. Endoscopy demonstrated a 3-4 cm mass effect (photo at left) in the gastric cardia with focal ulceration (image at center.) Image at right shows close up of ulcer. Histology and immunohistochemical stains were consistent with GIST.

58 year old woman referred for evaluation of abdominal pain, early satiety, weight loss and an abdominal mass extending from the epigastrium into the left upper quadrant. CT scan had described 18-20 cm mass in the upper left abdomen potentially involving the gastric wall. Endoscopy revealed a large mass involving the gastric fundus and proximal gastric body, with multiple foci of ulceration, fissuring and suspected fistulae. Histology and immunohistochemcial stains indicated the mass to be a GIST.

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