Anatomic Features Diverticular Disease Vascular Lesions
       Normal        Diverticulosis        Angiodysplasia
       Appendix        Diverticulitis        Bleeding Angiodysplasia
       Melanosis        Visible Vessel        Spider Angioma
       Anastomosis        Bleeding        Hemangioma
       Retained Suture        Inverted        Rectal Varices
       Polypectomy Scar        Long Inverted        Colonic Varix
       Foreign Body        Diverticular Polyp        Internal Hemorrhoids
       Hematoma        Ileal Diverticulum        Bleeding Hemorrhoids
       Sigmoid Volvulus          Dieulafoy's Lesion
       Vascular Graft          Phlebectasia
       Rectal Prolapse    
       Rectovaginal Fistula    
       Lymphoid Hyperplasia    
       Pneumatosis cystoides coli    
       Mucosal Bridge    
       Ileal Villi    
       Mucosal abrasion    
       Anal Fissure    
       Hypertrophied Anal Papillae    
       Ileal web    
Colitis Benign Tumors Malignant Tumors
       Pseudomembranous        Hyperplastic Polyp        Carcinoma-in-situ
       Ischemic        Diminutive Polyp        Malignant Polyp
       Post-irradiation        Traditional Serrated Adenoma        Adenocarcinoma
       Prep-induced        Sessile Serrated Adenoma        Signet Ring Cell
       Salmonella        Pedunculated Adenoma        Kaposi Sarcoma
       Cytomegalovirus        Pedunculated Tubulovillous        Squamous Cell
       NSAID-Induced        Sessile Tubular Adenoma        Stent Placement
       Colonic Ulcer        Sessile Villous Adenoma        Lymphoma
       Anastomotic Ulcer        Familial Polyposis        Carcinoid
       Crohn's/Ulcerative        Polypectomy        Metastatic
       Stricture        Post-Polypectomy Bleeding        Periappendiceal
       Colonic Abscess        Bleeding Polyp        Recurrent Carcinoma
       Campylobacter        Diverticular Polyp        Neovascularity
       Cocaine        Lipoma  
         Necrotizing Lipoma  
         Fibroepithelial Polyp  
         Granular Cell Tumor  
         Rectal Nevus  
         Rectal Condyloma  
         Juvenile Polyp  
         Appendiceal Polyp  
         Squamous Papilloma  

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