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Duodenal Adenoma

Left and Center: 72 year-old man with a large duodenal polyp on a very thick stalk. The head of the polyp nearly occupies the entire lumen. Biopsies proved this to be a benign adenoma.

Right: Unusual pale, yellowish flat polyp (visible at 2 o'clock position) in the duodenum of a 47 year-old women with Crohn's ileocolitis. Biopsies demonstrated this lesion to be a tubular adenoma.

Left: Small sessile polyp in the duodenum of a 52 year-old. Biopsies revealed tubulovillous adenoma with moderate dysplasia.

Center: Sessile, centrally depressed polyp in the descending duodenum of a 64 year-old woman undergoing endoscopy for evaluation of abdominal pain. The lesion was a benign adenoma on biopsy.

Right: 1 cm sessile polyp in the second portion of the duodenum in a 71 year-old woman undergoing endoscopy for evaluation of dysphagia, which proved to be caused by esophagitis. The lesion was snared and proved to be a benign adenoma.

Left: 69 year-old woman with a 3-4 mm sessile polyp in the second portion of the duodenum, resembling lymphangiectasia. Biopsies revealed adenoma without dysplasia.

Center: Same lesion as on left, at the time of repeat endoscopy for the purpose of complete snare polypectomy. The gross appearance was more suggestive of a polyp at this exam. Histology was consistent with complete polyp excision.

Right: Same patient at surveillance endoscopy one year later, with a 3 mm focus of mucosal thickening in the descending duodenum. The lesion was excised with a snare and histology indicated it to be a new or recurrent adenoma without dysplasia.

72 year old woman with upper abdominal pain. Endoscopy revealed a 3.5 cm mass in the descending duodenum. With the forward-viewing instrument, it could not be determined if the mass involved the ampulla. Biopsies revealed tubular adenoma without high grade dysplasia or malignancy in the specimens submitted.

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