Anatomic Alterations Esophagitis Barrett's
       Normal        Reflux/Peptic        "Classic" Appearance
       Inlet Patch        Bleeding        Short Segment
       Esophageal Web        Candida        Mucosal Islands
       Zencker's Diverticulum        Herpes        Ulcer
       Esophageal Diverticulum        CMV and Herpes        High Grade Dysplasia
       Hiatal Hernia        Post-irradiation        Adenocarcinoma
       Schatzki Ring        Ulcers  
       Mallory-Weiss        Bleeding Ulcer  
       Fistula        Strictures  
       Achalasia        Balloon Dilation  
       Foreign Bodies        Feeding Tube Induced  
       Fundoplication        HIV Ulcers  
       Lentigo Simplex        Bile-Reflux  
       Gastric Prolapse        Sarcoidosis  
       Extrinsic Compression        Eosinophilic Esophagitis  
       Ectopic Hair    
       Speech Prosthesis    
       Glycogenic Acanthosis    
Benign Tumors Malignant Tumors Esophageal Varices
       Squamous Papilloma        Squamous Cell Carcinoma        Examples of Varices
       Leiomyoma        Multifocal        Bleeding
       Fibrovascular Polyp        Adenocarcinoma        Banding
       Granular Cell Tumor        Stent        Stigmata of Bleeding
       Hyperplastic Polyp        Kaposi Sarcoma  

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