General Gastritis Ulcers
       Normal        Gastritis        Gastric Ulcer
       Pyloric Stenosis        NSAID Gastritis        Prepyloric Ulcer
       Bezoar        Helicobacter pylori        Healing Ulcer
       Foreign Bodies        Lymphoid Nodularity        Penetrating Ulcer
       Post-gastrectomy        Gastric Candida        Perforated Ulcer
       Osler-Weber-Rendu        CMV Gastritis        Marginal Ulcer
       NG Suction Injury        Gastrointestinal Syphilis        Malignant Ulcer
       ITP        Bleeding        Double Pylorus
       Xanthelasma        Regeneration        Bleeding Ulcer
       Gastric Diverticulum        Intestinal Metaplasia        Bleeding Marginal Ulcer
       Gastric Volvulus        Gastric Abscess        Visible Vessel
       Watermelon        Sarcoidosis        Dieulafoy's Lesion
       Angiodysplasia/AVM        Bile Reflux        Control of Bleeding
       Bleeding Angiodysplasia          Candida Ulcer
       Gastric Prolapse Gastric Bypass        Cameron Ulcer
       Pseudocyst        Gastric Pouch        Gastrostomy Tube Ulcer
       Gastrostomy tube        Outlet Stenosis        Ulcer Deformity
       Buried Bumper Syndrome        Outlet Obstruction by Food  
       Outlet Obstruction by G-tube        Band Migration  
       Jejunostomy Tube        RYGB Failed Staple Line  
Benign Tumors Malignant Tumors Gastric Varices
       Fundic Gland Polyp        Adenocarcinoma        Gastric Varices
       Hyperplastic Polyp        "Early" Gastric Cancer        Bleeding Gastric Varices
       Inflammatory Polyp        Lymphoma        Portal Gastropathy
       Adenoma        MALT Lymphoma  
       STUMP        Linitis Plastica  
       Leiomyoma        Leiomyosarcoma  
       Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp        Metastatic Carcinoma  
       Lipoma        GIST  
       Pancreatic Rest    
       Granular Cell Tumor    
       Bleeding Polyp    


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