Normal Enteroscopy Other Normal Findings Miscellaneous Findings
       Jejunum        Mouth        Barrett's
       Ileum        Uvula        Lymphoid Hyperplasia
       Ileocecal valve        Esophagus        Lymphangiectasia
       Colon        Squamocolumnar Junction        Lymphangiectatic Cyst
         Stomach        Gastrojejunostomy
         Duodenal Bulb        Duodenal Gastric Metaplasia
         Ampulla        Intussusception
           Jejunal Pseudomelanosis
Vascular Lesions Inflammatory Conditions Tumors
       Vascular Ectasias        Candida Esophagitis        Benign Enteral Polyps
       Angiodysplasia        Gastritis        Ileal Lipoma
       Bleeding Vascular Ectasia        Duodenitis        Gastric Polyp
       Phlebectasia        Duodenal ulcer        Metastasis
       Venous Malformation        Enteritis: Edema  
       Other Bleeding        Enteritis: Erosion  
         Enteritis: Ulceration  
         Enteritis: Pseudotumor  
         Enteritis: Stricture  
         Crohn's Disease  

Esophagus Stomach Duodenum Inflammatory Bowel Disease Colon & Ileum Miscellaneous

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