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Esophageal Foreign Bodies

47 year-old woman with a history of esophageal food obstruction 8 months previously, but who had not keep medical follow-up in view of a lack of ongoing symptoms, presented with acute esophageal obstructive symptoms of several hours duration.
Left: Urgent endoscopy revealed an intact pea suspended in the proximal esophagus.
Center: Following removal of the foreign body, a delicate stricture was noted, upon which the pea had lodged.
Right: The pea measured nearly one centimeter in diameter.

Left: Portion of a hotdog lodged in the distal esophagus of a 63 year-old man with severe dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), which began shortly after a meal 48 hours previously. A barium swallow had been performed, imparting a white hue to the esophagus and the foreign body.
Right: Wedding ring inadvertently ingested by a 102 year-old woman.

Left: Four tablets trapped above a benign esophageal stricture, in an 81 year-old man with chronic reflux disease.
Right: Procardia tablet matrix trapped above a distal esophageal stricture in a 53 year-old woman with chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease; small diverticula are also noted.

71 year-old man with esophageal obstruction by a meat bolus impacted in a lower esophageal (Schatzki) ring. The ring is seen on the right after endoscopic extraction of the food bolus.

Extraction of a large, obstructing meat bolus from the esophagus of a 41 year-old man, using a tripod grasping forceps.

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