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Gastric Lymphoma

52 year-old woman with chronic gastritis following a subtotal gastrectomy 14 years previously, presented with early satiety and vomiting. Endoscopy disclosed an ulcerated mass infiltrating the gastric wall; biopsies were consistent with malignant lymphoma, large cell type.

51 year-old woman with a history of nasopharyngeal lymphoma developed pyrosis (heartburn) and odynophagia (pain with swallowing) suggesting esophageal disease. Endoscopy showed no lesion in the esophagus, but revealed this extensive tumor involving the gastric wall. Portions had ulcerated (right), while other portions remained submucosal (left). Biopsies confirmed lymphoma metastatic to stomach.

62 year-old asymptomatic man initially diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 4 years earlier. A recent CT scan suggested gastric wall thickening, prompting a referral for endoscopy. Endoscopy revealed focal nodularity in the gastric cardia (left) and mucosal edema in the fundus (right). Biopsy of both areas revealed lymphoma of the non-Hodgkin's type.

54 year-old man with severe abdominal pain. Endoscopy revealed a 3 cm duodenal ulcer to account for his pain, along with this 1 cm violaceous raised lesion in the gastric antrum. Biopsy revealed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

53 year old woman with abdominal pain, early satiety and weight loss. Endoscopy revealed musocal edema, congestion and ulceration in the gastric body and antrum, suggestive of severe erosive gastitis. Biopsies revealed an aggressive B-cell lymphoma.

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